Leadership …philosophically speaking

I couldn’t agree more. This encapsulates my personal & professional philosophy on leadership & the role of a leader.

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Leadership Goal Setting #superfantasticfun

Today I have the privilege of working with an amazing group of Student Leaders at Niagara College, on a Leadership Goal Setting workshop. I am looking forward to chatting, connecting and assisting them in determining their individual goals and encouraging them to push themselves to set them higher than they think possible.

Think outside the box is not simply a fancy tagline …it is a philosophy.


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…and for a bit of toe tapping goodness for the first day back, I give you Stars!!


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It’s a New Year!!!

Like most, I start this new year with renewed energy and zest. This year is no different but totally different at the same time. I really feel renewed. My husband called me Lesley 2.0 the other day because of my new outlook, and I think he nailed it on the head. Moving into 2015, after the gong show of 2014 I FEEL like Lesley 2.0.


Dwell in possibility my friends, because truly anything is possible.

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I lead myself

I lead my self. This is a deal I will agree wholeheartedly to. photo-3

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I’m baaaaaaack!!!

I’m back. And it feels great. Not sure if there is even anyone out there in blogland to notice my absence but at any rate, I’m back and even if I’m the only one to note this, it feels damn good. Better than good in fact. Great.

I had a very hard year, and thankfully it all came to a boil so I was able to step back and start afresh. To put it mildly. And even though it was, for all intents and purposes, a shitty time for me, I really believe it was a gift from the universe telling me to reassess and re-evaluate what and who I was prioritizing in my life. The balance was so far askew and I didn’t see it. I was tolerating things I would NEVER have tolerated and worrying about things that should have passed by unnoticed. Giving myself the freedom to step back …or more realistically, hitting the wall and stopping cold, also gave me the distance to see what was really real, authentic and true, in my world. I realized how much beauty I have in my life. My family. My friends. My work. My hobbies. And how much ‘filler’ I have. Or had.

I am posting this image because in the messy landscape of my reality, I stand here at the end of the mess, or beginning of my new adventure, and realize that I am so incredibly blessed with my life. Those that stand with me are my people. With deep, beautiful character, integrity and empathy for others and a genuine love for me. Warts and all. Not everyone is capable of journeying through rough times with friends. I get that. I’m learning anyways. Friendship means different things to everyone and some simply don’t have it in them to navigate the grey zones, the ambiguity, and to understand and love through the rough times. And that’s all good. Not everyone is meant to. Like I said, I think this rough time in my life was a gift because those that recognized it before I did, asked me how I was, made me see the changes in myself, and then stood with me as I journeyed my way out of the grey zone, are truly amazing. Truly a blessing to me and those that have been lost, I thank them for the life lessons. I wish them well, I wish them happiness and I wish them friends and family that love them as unconditionally as I have.


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Lesley Calvin – Leadership Niagara Bio


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