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Lesley Calvin, MA, ACC


Lesley Calvin Coaching ~ Positive Forward Motion

Life, Leadership and Transition Coaching, Consulting and Training Solutions

Perfect for Individuals, Teams, Organizations and Campuses

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With a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership (MAOL), Designation as a professional Life and Leadership Coach (CPC), an ACC accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and an immeasurable passion for people, Lesley Calvin has lead countless individuals and teams, to dig deep, and engage fully to meet and exceed their potential. Building high-performance individuals and teams is her jam. 

Lesley Calvin has a fundamental approach to nurturing self-awareness and leadership acumen at all levels, ages and stages.

Her authentic, dynamic, and engaging delivery style leaves you wanting to sign up for her next workshop, or coaching session, before you’re finished the one you’re in! 

If you have her as your Cheerleader …Err, Coach she will have you setting and hitting your wildest stretch goals and believing anything is possible. Because to her, it is!!! 

With almost 2 decades working with Individuals and Teams, she is a subject expert in identifying and fostering, action-forward, self-awareness, and applied personal, professional and leadership skills in individuals and teams. 

Lesley is an Emotional Intelligence certified expert and highly revered as a Leadership and Engagement Specialist, with a warm, dynamic, and impactful approach to her coaching, mentoring, and facilitation. 

Lesley takes pride to ensure anyone investing their precious time in her, leaves feeling supported, that they have added to their personal/professional toolkit and confident about next steps. 

‘Lesley is, above all, an unconditional cheerleader to her clients’329AA56B-3439-4D42-B61B-7C3C571A0DFF


About lesleycalvincoaching

Welcome to Lesley Calvin Coaching . My areas of focus are Life, Leadership, Transition and Strategic Coaching for both individuals and teams. The foundation of my coaching approach is the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) which provides a wonderful overview on your current emotional and behavioural responses (EI/EQ), both under 'normal' conditions and under stress. This is the key to actualizing our own personal/professional and team growth and positively impacting our Emotional Intelligence! By working with a coach you can alter your attitude and perspective, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and effectiveness. FYI - Coaching can happen in person, over the phone, Skype or FaceTime. As for Lesley Calvin Coaching webpage, you can come here to feel good, feel empowered and join me on my coaching journey, no strings attached just positive forward motion! ______________________________ In addition to holding a Masters of Organizational Leadership (Magna Cum Laude), and being a a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Lesley Calvin is also a certified ELI Master Practitioner with 20 years of Engagement, Leadership and Professional Development career experience, and would be happy to discuss Life, Leadership, Transition or Strategic Coaching with you and/or your team at any time. Just shoot me a message Lesley Calvin BA, MA, ELI-MP, CPC #lesleycalvincoaching #positiveforwardmotion _____________________ What Is Coaching Coaching is a creative partnership between you, the client and me, the coach! Together we focus on designing and implementing specific, meaningful goals and empowering changes in your personal and/or professional life. Solution-Focused We are always moving towards YOUR desired future outcomes, instead of concentrating on past experiences or reasons for present dissatisfaction. Systematic Understanding the holistic nature of yourself and where you put your conscious and (perhaps more importantly) your unconscious energy, seeing how positive, proactive, empowering change can fit into your bigger picture. Client Centered Empowering you to trust yourself, your thoughts, goals and skills, a coach will always respect your agenda and future outcomes. Coaching is an advice free zone. Action Oriented Together we will set your future in Positive, Forward Motion by setting and pursuing YOUR goals with specific, inspired measurable steps that will lead to fundamental shifts in energy, action and habit formation.
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